Thursday 5 June 2008

Italian Tiles

Posted by Nick Ferrand

I've been looking for hand made tiles for months. We are finishing our pool and have been in a dilemma as to what to put as a pool surround. Aesthetically old tiles are the best, but unfortunately, although these look fabulous for the first year, it only takes one harsh winter and they all start to disintegrate. Also there is a matter of cost. depending where you go these original tiles can be anything from 45 to 100 Euros a sqm. I asked my good friend Matt and he pointed me in the direction of Fornace Ricci Srl in Umbertide. To my amazement they actually make the tiles on the premises, handmade with a certificate to guarantee them to -15%c, and best of all half the price! I purchase 100sqm immediately... If anyone is interested I'll post a pictures of the finished job.