Thursday 21 May 2015

An Italian hamlet to call your own

Ever felt the desire to own a little hamlet of your own; a cluster of dwellings and some land on which to wander. Somewhere to accommodate guests at a distance; paying ones maybe?
Prato di Sotto is a perfect example; four restored and welcoming houses nestled in a wonderful garden and surrounded by Umbrian greenness. Pool, privacy, peace……perfect!
Prato di Sotto

Borgo Oli
If you fancy doing something up, then how about Borgo Oli a Tuscan hamlet consisiting of eight ruins on three hectares of land. If you have a few like-minded friends then maybe you could club together and have a property each or, if the budget allows, you could restore the properties and set up a frational ownership property, something like Borgo Di Vagli. Borgo Faulle is another example, this time with 30 hectares of land!
New to the market is Monte Castro. Strictly speaking it isn’t a hamlet but there are three buildings and, once you’ve seen it, it’s quite difficult to forget. 

Monte Castro