Wednesday 30 March 2011

Viva la pappa col pomodoro!

Aaaaaargh! It’s 7pm and you have not a clue what your family are going to have for dinner. Never fear, your perfect recipe is here!

Sometimes you have time to spend a whole day cooking and humming around your kitchen in a fancy apron. And sometimes you just fling open your pantry and hope that dinner has just magically appeared. Here is dinner, pappa col pomodoro (simple tomato and bread soup) and it is almost magic.

It is super easy to make and you end up with a tangy, tasty, nourishing bowl of soup.

Pappa col pomodoro makes me think of the signature tune of a TV series adaptation of the story of Gian Burrasca (Stormy Jack), the diary of a mischievous boy in an oppressive boarding school. In the song Gian Burrasca, is rebelling against the poor school food, and singing the praises of la pappa col pomodoro.
I had very little interest in food at the time, apart from chocolate and Nutella. It's basically a simple bread and tomato soup, which can be eaten warm or cold and there are very many versions.

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