Thursday 30 June 2011

Interviewing one of our buyers

Buying a casale in Umbria is a fantastic opportunity to be in a place that is a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. In Umbria one can enjoy the beautiful countryside, amongst farmer’s fields, hills and Medieval villages. Some people’s aim is to bring some century-old rural homes back to life with the aid of modern technologies. Former anthropologist Marian Chenery who lives near Umbertide said:” When I saw this house I fell in love. I felt it was going to be the perfect space with the right energy for me to continue along my life journey and perhaps share it with others”. Marian bought a house through our agency in April, the central location of the rural complex was the key. At the top of a fading range of fields, the property rises up like a sentinel. “I’m from Boston, Marian continues, but the concentration of pollution that afflicts big cities convinced me to search for a better, healthier place where I could live my life. Here in Umbria I’ve found the right balance between traditions and modernity and between rural wisdom and technology. Another important factor is the proximity of the house to major regional centres where I can take part of the city life, enjoy shows, art exhibitions and antique fairs. I love the location and the people in the country know the secrets of living according to nature, using one of its primary elements masterfully: the land. During my search for the ideal house, I was totally enchanted by the beauty of this compound. The property was renovated using traditional materials, an entire thatched wall was preserved and areas in ruins that had old bricks covered in lime were restored. The building is now responding to the criteria of harmony and functionality. The bedrooms and the large living area with an antique fireplace have crafted antique terracotta floorings and beamed ceilings made of unpainted water treated wood. I intend on taking up this quest of simplicity sharing the enchantments of this place”.

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