Wednesday 29 January 2014

A whole new meaning for the word waiter...........

An Italian man who recently lost his job has become a professional waiter; not the type who brings you your dinner but someone who waits in a queue for a living. Frankly, this is an occupation that one would have expected someone of Anglo Saxon origin to undertake; after all waiting in a queue is the eleventh commandment in Britain whilst in Italy the ability to wait your turn is a fairly recent concept that appears, in general, to be scorned by many an old age pensioner.   
Giovanni Cafaro has been without work since last summer; unsuccessful in finding a job the university graduate now charges €10 an hour for using his time to save the time of others. It may be worth noting that the word for queue in Italian has a number of meanings one of which is ‘tail’ and Giovanni Cafaro will probably have time to grow one whilst he is waiting in line at the post-office.

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