Thursday 23 January 2014

To blog or not to blog?

Abode is a real estate company, our aim is to sell houses, so what should we blog about? The obvious subject would be real estate for sale in Italy, houses that we have sold, properties that have been reduced in price, information on taxes, the buying process, who bought what, where and for how much. BUT that can be a little dry, a bit, well.....obvious.

The next step is to write about the appealing things that Italy has to offer, of which there are plenty. The food, the wine, the scenery, the art, the architecture, museums, cars, fashion, people.  Information on events, what’s going on where and when. Is it right though to concentrate on the positive and present a rosy picture of a country that, like everywhere else, does have issues? Murders, Italy has them. Natural disasters, Italy has those too. Italy also has greedy clerics and seedy politicians or vice versa (pun totally intended). Will it do our business any good if we blog, tweet or facebook the negative stuff? Is it appropriate to use tragedy, disaster and unsavoury goings  to drive traffic to our website?

Opinions differ but maybe what we should do is concentrate on what makes Italy different from the rest of the world rather than what makes it the same.  


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