Monday 15 February 2010

Snowing in Umbria and Tuscany

My wife and son left on Friday to have their settimana bianca (White week) which is a week of skiing that most Italians take each year. There is not an official holiday, like half term in the UK but it takes place normally in the first three months of the year or until the snow melts. Believing this to be an ideal opportunity for a little bit of R and R with the boys I arranged our Friday night rendezvous. On the way home I called for the kick off time only to be informed that it was snowing. That seemed strange as I work in Perugia which is only 50km from my house and it wasn't snowing not even raining. As I approached the motorway exit I suddenly found a wall of snow. It was like someone had cut the weather with a knife. One side fine the other a bizzard. After only 1km I quickly realised that it would be impossible for me to get up my drive. Driving home became a nightmare. I finally managed to get as close as I could before abandoning the car and making my way by foot. Finally arriving at home I was in no mood to walk down again and brave the elements so unfortunately my Friday night boys night out ended with a cup of hot chocolate and a hot water bottle. The picture shows my abode the following morning. A white out that lasted until Monday morning. I'm sure the missus had something to do with it...

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