Wednesday 10 February 2010

Villa Benedetti Ascoli Piceno Marche

If I had the money I would be buying this Italian property. To find an Italian property in this condition is almost unheard of. If like me you went through your teenage years in the seventies you will either hate or love this property. I'm the latter and could easily see myself next to the bar in my Laura Ashley smoking jacket and a dry martini in my hand.

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The house is located within an old estate dating back to the nineteenth century and, despite its unusual style and features, it fits perfectly the place, as masterfully planned by the artist Mariano Benedetti. The villa is built on two floors. Ground floor: huge and bright living room with large panoramic windows, super technological kitchen, space bathrooms, winter garden and an internal swimming pool (very deep, with divingboard and tartan coating). A metal and glass staircase (or alternatively a lift) leads to the upper floor: six bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms and wardrobe + a large balcony with great view. In the basement: boiler rooms, laundry, storage rooms. On the ground floor a futuristic corridor leads to a second spiral staircase into the discotheque set within a UFO-shaped outbuilding. The unique style of this property makes it a cult object and a collection piece for those who love art and architecture.

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