Thursday 7 July 2011

Montone Film Festival

Montone is a typical Umbrian hill top town, remarkably well-located for day trips to great towns and other wonders. It is tucked away 5 min from the E45 - the major N/S motorway in Umbria. One fine thing is, you can't see Montone from the motorway - so there are no passers-by saying "ooo - what's that? - let's go there!" The E45 becomes the convenient fast route to many places, but there are wondrous white roads throgh the countryside to lovely locations, as well. Some sample driving times in minutes from Montone to nearby towns: Gubbio - 30, Assisi - 35, Perugia (to the top) - 30, Cortona - 35, Città di Castello - 15, Sansepolcro - 20, Anghiari - 30. These are all fabulous places within about a half hour's drive or less that you'll want to visit again and again. 
But let's talk about Montone! In the piazza, lively little Montone has a post office, two caffes, a bank, a newspaper/magazine/local crafts, etc. shop and a linen shop. There is Guido's butcher shop. He also has pasta, wine, the local bread and much more. There is a pharmacy as well and a new vegetable shop has just opened. From the piazza a maze of narrow streets head off in all directions, in each and a relaxed atmosphere pervades. Commanding views over the surrounding landscape give the town the characteristic warm and welcoming Umbrian feel.

My principal reason for adoring Montone is it is home to the most erotically beautiful war memorial I have ever seen. The buttocks on the bronze figure are utterly perfect, so tactile, bubblebutty and cute. To me it exemplifies homo-eroticism at its finest. Who comissioned the sculpture and how they got it approved is always a marvel to me, however they did and it stands proud in a garden at the top end of the town for all to admire.

Over the past decades this beauty has attracted many celebrities to Montone, some of whom have made the town their preferred home, for holidays or permanent base. For example, British actor Colin Firth is a resident. Every summer Montone holds a summer film festival. The piazza is organised with a large screen and films shown under the stars. Come to the event you will also be surrounded by stars. Click here to go to Montone Film Festival website.

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