Monday 11 August 2008

Florence, Siena, Perugia, Cortona, that is the question

Florence or Siena, Perugia or Cortona, Tuscany or Umbria. Purchasing your Italian Abode one has to consider the old trusted saying, location, location, location. Two years ago everyone wanted to be in the middle of the Italian countryside. Isolated, away from it all! Now we are finding that more and more people want to be close to one of these beautiful Italian cities. It's a hard call. Being close to a city can have it's problems. Noise for one. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find the perfect Italian retreat which is a five minutes drive to the shops but at the same time immersed in the rolling hills of Tuscany or the green heart of Umbria. We have had one inquiry recently who wants to be able to have their teenage children walk to Town. They have also stipulated that they need a pool. Where do you find your Italian dream that is walking distance to the Centro Storico, not overlooked with a pool and stunning views? The other consideration is that Italians love building new houses and you might find that within a very short period of time you lovely Italian vista has been replaced by a housing development. There are such properties, Casa Coniglio for example but there hard to come by and command a premium. We are actively searching for these, so if you're looking for such a property it Italy please get in touch.

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