Tuesday 26 August 2008

Torre di Fiume, Lake Trasimeno, Umbria

"I want to buy a property in Italy". Torre di Fiume is not any old Italian property. Torre di Fiume also known as Castello di Fiume is an once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an historical part of Italy. Situated in the the Pian di Marte near Passignano, 20 minutes from Lake Trasimeno. This stunning Tower really is amazing. First recorded in 1282 and then mentioned as a Castle in 1313 the Tower can be seen for miles. Torre di Fiume is in need of full restoration. There might be a possibility to obtain a grant from the Belle Arti. If your on a Italian walking holiday in Umbria or Tuscany I would highly recommend a walk from Pergo through the Pian di Marte, up to Passignano and down to Lake Trasimeno. In this valley was where Hannibal camped his army and elephants before the battle of Lake Trasimeno. On June 24th 217BC they ambushed Caio Flaminio and his 15,000 Roman soldiers. No-one survived. In memory of the battle the stream was renamed Torrente Sanguinte (blood stream) and two villages, Sanguineto (blood bath) and Ossaia (bone place). For days Lake Trasimeno became red with the blood of the Roman army. For further information please have a look at our website www.abode.it. The Tower is only 30 minutes from Cortona and 50 minutes from Perugia International Airport. It really is breathtaking. If you have an amazing Italian ruin please contact us at info@abode.it.

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