Friday 22 August 2008

Italian weather

I know we brits are absolutely obsessed with the weather but after three months of roasting temperatures I'm beginning to wish for cooler winds. Living in Italy has changed my opinion of weather forecasters. Our clients often asked us, "what's the weather like tomorrow". I normally reply, especially between May and August, "the same as it is today". In Blighty I remember in the summer looking our of my bedroom window on the weekend and if there was a glimpse of sunshine, I would dart out of bed, call all my friends and rush down to Sainsbury's knowing that if I didn't make it before 10 there wouldn't be a single chicken drumstick left.

Being involved in Italian property I spend a considerable amount of time in my car. The Tuscan and Umbrian countryside can be cooler but if you go to Siena, Florence or Rome you will find that without aircon and a large bottle of water you'll be melting within minutes. I was in Florence a month ago and I can honestly say it was like being in a convection oven. I'm not complaining, in fact one of the reason I moved from the Uk was that I couldn't cope with the uncertainty of the British weather. I want to wake up in the morning knowing that apart for a thunderstorm the sun will be shining and the day will be long and hot, viva Italia...

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